Joshua David Reichental is a composer for film, television, videogames, and theatre. He also musical directs for theatre, performs and teaches on piano and guitar.

He has a B.A in Music from Trinity College Dublin, an M.A in Film and Television Composition from the University of Bristol, and a piano teaching diploma from the Royal Irish Academy of Music.


His work for film is diverse and ambitious. As the resident composer of Aminal Productions he has written the scores for three screen-musicals: Off-Beat (2014), The Gambler (2017), and Bonsoir Luna (2015) which screened at the Cannes Film Festival. In addition to Cannes his work has been featured at the IndieCork, Jecheon South Korea, and Hamilton New York film festivals, amongst others.

Other major works include documentaries Harvest to Harvest (2013) and My Grandmother’s Sitting Room (2015), wildlife films The Little World (2015) and Ula Muda (2017), short comedy-drama These Books (2017), horror The Banshee (2018), and animation Sunstroke (2019).

He has also written songs for the short films Caring is Creepy (2014), Earworm (2014), and The Usual (2018), as well as music for a number of videogames including Through the Valley of the Stones (2014), Jo Jacket (2019), and A Solitary Android (2019).

He writes both for small live ensembles and large orchestral palates, as well as tense electronic scores and sparse soundscapes. As his work demonstrates, he is willing and able to work on any project with passion and he is excited to begin working on your next venture.


Josh has musically directed Newsrevue at the Canal Cafe Theatre and the BBC frequently since 2018. In addition he has performed and co-written the music for ‘You Are Absolutely Fine’, which was debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017.

As well as the aforementioned B.A and M.A, Josh has a diploma (hons.) in piano teaching from the Royal Irish Academy of Music, as well as nine years experience teaching students of different abilities, ages, and grades.


Contact at jdreichental@hotmail.com or +44(0)7477296324

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