A selection of tracks I have composed for commissioned projects or otherwise (for my complete portfolio, visit my Soundcloud page):

The Banshee

The main theme to an atmospheric horror film about the Irish myth of the wailing Banshee; this fortunately features no such wailing.

These Books

My new score for Tom Rowley’s 2017 surreal-comedy, about a man whose can’t seem to find the right words for any situation…

The Gambler

Extracts from the 2017 jazz-musical, following a couple set on cheating during a high-stakes poker game.

A Hare and Her Journey

Chamber-folk score to accompany Georgia Stevenson’s 2015 wildlife documentary about the plight of the Irish hare.


My re-scoring of a sequence from the BBC documentary ‘Wonders of the Monsoon’ which celebrates India’s Holi festival. Live parts performed by the Bristol Ensemble.

Bonsoir Luna

A few songs from the 2015 Irish-language musical, accepted to the Cannes Short Film Corner, about the relationship between an Irish street artist and a blind barista, Luna.

The Avatars

A collaborative score with composer Henry Mitton for a motion-controlled PC game set in the ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ universe.

Caring is Creepy

The song ‘Brother’ from the OST to Donncha Gilmore’s 2014 DJ drama. Composed with Karen Cowley (Wyvern Lingo).


A dark and electronic score to accompany Shinyou Yan’s 2015 thriller, Sin.


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